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Quick Start

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Python code fences ‚ú®automagically‚ú® get turned into editors that run in the browser!
$ yarn global add liminoid # or `npm install -g liminoid`
$ liminoid new cool-project
$ cd cool-project
$ liminoid --help
$ liminoid develop # start live reloading development server
$ vsc . # open pwd with VS Code (or your editor of choice)
$ liminoid build # compile files into a static standalone bundle
$ yarn global add surge # or `npm install --global surge`
$ surge ./build # deploy to the CDN
liminoid add altair
liminoid add tinydb

If you want to share your project with the world, it is as easy as uploading ./build to a static site host (like Surge). See the Deployment guide for a walkthrough with other hosts.

Example output

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