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Toolkit for building local-first interactive analytics applications

npm install -g liminoid
liminoid new cool-project
  • Safe 🔐 code runs in a sandboxed Web Assembly environment.
  • Fast 🏎 near-native speed using background Web Workers.
  • Modular ⚙️ use as many (or as few) of the component libraries as needed.
  • Offline-by-default 📵 kill your WiFi and try the console 👆
  • Private 🕵️ code & data never leaves your computer (unless you want it to).
  • Sustainable ♻️ not dependent on corporations' donated server cycles.
  • W3 🕸 built with emerging open web standards and technologies.
  • Relaxing 🛋 as easy as putting code fences in your markdown.

Getting Started 🚀

Like if Jupyter, R Markdown, and Observable had a love child... with a heavy dose of Idyll-spiration ✨

Read the docsFAQ

Getting Involved 🙌

All help is greatly appreciated 🙏 This can be bug reports, tutorials, documentation, code contributions, etc. or even just sharing a cool project you built with Liminoid!

Say hello in the chat 👇, open an issue, or read the contributing guide.

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